Vago History

In the early sixties thirteen friends started a motorcycle club in Southern California. For years many have passed stories around, this is the real story of how the Vagos Motorcycle Club was originated from one of the last of the first 13 original members and founders. This is his story of the birth of our club. It is important to pass this history of our club to all our brothers in order to keep its history alive.

On May 18th on the corner of Eighth and Davidson in San Bernardino, California a motorcycle club, not gang, was originated.

The members were:

Puro – President

Gil Carrasco – Vice President

Whitey – Secretary

Treasurer Lucky – Sgt. at Arms

Freddy Ruiz, Harley Hog, Crazy John Estrada, Tom Tom, Moose, Squirrel, Alex Estrada, and Little John Bocanegra.

Originally two other names were considered, Coffin Dodgers MC and Satan Saints MC the name VAGOS MC was suggested by Puro and was voted on. Then the emblem had to be chosen. Lucky was browsing through LIFE magazine and found a picture of a devil coming out of the ground surrounded by smoke, the caption read “return from hell.” Animal and Lucky presented the picture to the other members for a vote, the vote passed. The colors were chosen by Whitey and Puro. The color chosen was green on green with the devil in red. After the vote, Moose was chosen to draw the center piece. The patches made for the first original 13 were made from felt by a seamstress from Muscoy named Betty. She made all the patches for the few clubs that were around at the time. She made ours till the early 90s when her sight went bad. The patches after the original 13 were made from canvas.

Soon after we got started, a lot of men started to come in; the first was J.R. Garcia. That was three months after we originated. Three months after that we moved to 11th and “L” streets in Berdoo, the Mother chapter.

Soon other clubs wanted to become Vagos! A brief history:

The second Vago chapter started was Victorville, the members were from the Cossacks MC.

The third Vago chapter was Los Angeles, whose members were from the Talons MC.

The forth Vago chapter was San Gorgonio Pass, made up of a few Vagos from Berdoo and a bunch of men who they knew, who rode hard and partied harder.

The fifth Vago chapter was S.G.V., these members were from the Dirty Dozen MC, a few Highwaymen MC, Verdugos MC, Vendettas MC and Ghostmen MC.

The sixth Vago chapter was Monterrey, they were from the Sabers MC, and some Dirty Dozen MC and Highwaymen MC.

The seventh Vago chapter was Pomona Valley, made up with men from the Nacoda Breed MC.

The eighth Vago chapter was Antelope Valley, it’s members were from the Brothers MC,

The Mexico chapters were started by accident, 15 years later. Lucky was in Ensenada on the 4th of July playing in a softball tournament. His wife Irene, stopped the game to show Lucky three guys on bikes going down the street. The name on their cuts was the same as ours, except the colors were different. They were black and gray with orange-yellow, with an eagle center. Lucky found out later where they were partying, so he went over and talked and partied with them. The president’s name was Tati and they were from Mexicali. With them partying was another club, the Solo Angels MC. When he came back home he got a hold of Prophet who was the national President at the time, he also went to the Berdoo chapter to talk to Lenco, Loco and Crazy Johnny. We give the credit to them for starting the Vagos MC across the border. We also credit P.C. Games for the growth of the rest of the chapters in Mexico in the early years.